We started the weekend with a dance session led by Itamar. Although we were here with new and more people then in last November, we picked up where we left off: at the metronome.

But first warming up ofcourse. We started on the ground, relaxing, becoming aware of our bodies and stretching until we were ready to get up and dance. In a matter of minutes Itamar had us moving all our body parts, in all directions, preferably at the same time. By putting attention to all the different body parts one at a time, starting with the toes and feet and ending with the head, chin and eyes, he gave us a set of tools to work with. A little later we got some more tools: ‘pause’ where we could choose to pause for a few seconds and then start moving a different body part, ‘explode’ where we could move one body part very quickly and ‘moving through the space’ instead of staying at one spot. Suddenly the room seems to be filled with those wacky inflatable tube men.

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