Following the first phase of research that took place in August, Danielle Teale wrote an analysis and reflection on the process for her blog. In her own words below:

In august 2017 I was invited to be involved in a movement enquiry with collaborators from dance for health Rotterdam. This post will account the content and thoughts that evolved from this two day exploration process with Itamar Serussi, Marc Vlemmix, Rosan Chinnoe, Sara Houston and Nicole Rust (Scapino Ballet). The movement content explored in the two day lab was directed by choreographer Itamar Serussi with methods and tools derived from his making process. Itamar has been working with dancer Marc Vlemmix for a period of around 6 months on and off, and Marc is interested to explore how this process which is collaborative between the two, is having an impact on his movement possibilities as a person with Parkinson’s.

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